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I love hanging out with my friends, most of the time I spend longer time with them :> I HATE BACKSTABBERS. My blogs is kinda personal blog, I do re-blog when I can relate on their post :] I'm hopping that you can respect what I'll gonna post, simply because THIS IS MY BLOG. :D

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Pa-bebe :) ♥ #ribbon #leopard

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I had enough. #goodnight #quizfortomorroq

Thanks for waiting until 12 midnight yesterday! :) super saya yung feeling na sinasamahan ka ng lalaki sa salon. Haaay! :) #girlthing #proud

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Too much sweets. ♡ #thankyou #sweetnessoverload

Baby, it’s always better with you! ♡ ♥ ♡ #71214

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One day break for my stressful college life. ♡ #selfie #lazyfriday

Gutom na gutom . #lasagna #tunasandwich #italiansoda

Vanity ♡